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FOOTGENiX, inspires, ignites and evokes hope of future football stardom in Egyptian football professionals and amateurs.


korAddiction Sports & Entertainment

is an all Egyptian company and proud owner / operator of FOOTGENiX. Our aim is to develop the level of football in the Egyptian market through services that offer the best training practices for everyone to access.


An advanced football training facility that is focused on developing player’s cognitive and physical abilities using data-driven training equipments, we offer a new model where fun is brought back to top level training which ensures to enhance the player‘s abilities on all levels to achieve optimum results.



We are investing in the future of Egyptian football so that we can help to develop players capable of playing at the highest level all around the world. We want to provide a platform for our next generation of players to fulfill their dreams. We believe Egypt is full of hidden talents and it is our duty to unlock their potential.


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