An elastic box that is supported by 2 columns that we can control their angles to control the dynamics of the ball rebound. Steel box filled by flexible plastic net that is designed for ball rebound


The four corner “dummy” net A wide net covering the full range of the goal having four hollow targets in the four corners [ Top right, top left, bottom right, bottom left] Benefits: increasing the slot of accuracy for the players By using set pieces, drills, & rebounder

Ball Pump Machine

A machine that sets the ball at different angles & speed all on demand and under the operator’s control.


The large standing net

A wide net standing in the form of a “volleyball” net


The Free kick standing wall

A standing wall consist of 5 connected mannequins in a 185 cm height Plastic mannequins that withstand all kind if shots


Blaze Pods

A number of small pods with sensors that can be used for various types of trainings


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